Goodbye Themes, Hello Prompts

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been feeling like the theme-based episodes of Typewriter Club LIVE ran their course. We had a great run with Asked & Answered, Show & Tell, and Type & Talk. We enjoyed one-offs, such as Bells & Whistles, Size Matters, The Travelling Typewriter, and Fix It or Forget It.

The last two episodes–in case you didn’t notice–had no theme whatsoever, yet the latest featured our biggest audience yet: 16 people on-screen, and a peak of 15 watching! And that’s not to mention the nearly 200 views each recording gets, with an average watch time of 35 minutes. That last statistic is truly remarkable with the inhumanly short attention spans found on YouTube.

I do see the themes we’ve explored being a part of every episode. You can always ask questions, provide answers, show interesting things, tell stories, make jokes (Joe!), or take a turn talking. And it goes without saying, you are always welcome to type. (We love seeing that, but I do reserve the right to mute you if it is overshadowing the speaker.)

I do miss each episode have “a thing”. So with a humble tip of the cap to Joe Van Cleave’s Typing Assignments, I submit to you… Typing Prompts. Each week we will have a different prompt. During the week, members will type something–anything–based on the prompt. Then in our Sunday morning meeting, members can share what they typed. Fear not, you don’t have to read what you’ve written, or even show it to us. And you won’t get scolded if you choose not to participate. Consider it a fallback topic in the extremely unlikely event that conversation runs dry. Ha! As if.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Even better, share any ideas you have for typing prompts. You can drop them in the comments below or email me.

In a live stream, we can never hope to replicate what Joe achieves in his Typing Assignment series, showcasing the creative works of his viewers in his trademark high production value videos. We’ll just consider it practice until his next Typing Assignment. Thanks, Joe!

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2 Replies to “Goodbye Themes, Hello Prompts”

  1. Hello Gregory,

    What a good idea!, i really enjoy the typewriter club live and always interesting subjects and/or talks (and absolutely good fun!).

    maybe one idea for you’re ‘typing prompts’:

    Letter writing: i enjoy writing and to recieve letters but what to write?.. if you don’t really know somebody it could be challenging, politics could be tricky for example or any other subject..

    I think the challenge is to write not ‘chit chat’ letters but that happens easy as you maybe don’t know the person that well.
    For example, we ‘dutch’ are well known as pretty straight forward ‘up front’ people which not always is valued.

    Offcourse typewriters are always a good subject or technical stuff related but what do you think?


    1. Excellent thoughts! Usually I end up writing mostly about the typewriter, paper, weather, the city, hobbies, interests, etc. But it can be challenging. Thank you for the comment!

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