March 28, 2021 Show Notes

Zoom Chat Transcript

08:01:36 From Dato to Everyone : Maven is a GREAT term.
08:02:32 From Dato to Everyone : Ian Flemming!
08:03:39 From sidss to Everyone : Dato, I also like “typewriter-meister”!!!
08:03:57 From Dato to Everyone : Me Too!
08:04:41 From Dato to Everyone : Show Me State!
08:04:49 From Dato to Everyone : I’m in NOVA
08:06:50 From sidss to Everyone : Hello Charly and Lukas!!! Welcome!!!
08:17:33 From Dato to Everyone : Bill are your Bill G.
08:17:44 From Dato to Everyone : ?
08:26:18 From Dato to Everyone : JVC is in the running for person of the decade!
08:27:07 From sidss to Everyone : I would second Dato’s opinion about Joe
08:29:18 From Dato to Everyone : typewriter adjacent!
08:29:19 From Thor Halvorsen to Everyone : good morning everyone!!
08:29:36 From Dato to Everyone : good morning
08:29:47 From Dato to Everyone : I have my father’s slide rule.
08:30:36 From Thor Halvorsen to Everyone : I have inherited WWII military field desks. (getting set up, so forgive my tardiness)
08:35:08 From Gregory the Poor Typist to Everyone : Welcome, Thor!
08:39:09 From Dato to Everyone : I’m likely in the minority here but I PREFER typewriters that are ready to go.
08:39:22 From Gregory the Poor Typist to Everyone : Me, too!
08:40:02 From Lucas Dul to Everyone : Same here, but I don’t have the money lol
08:40:22 From sidss to Everyone : Me too!!! But, my Olympia SF and my SM-9 both need some cleaning and lubing.
08:40:52 From Dato to Everyone : Typewriters are a tool for me. I wouldn’t want to have to work on my screwdrivers and wrenches before I could use them.
08:42:05 From Bob Marshall to Everyone : I am currently frozen on the road in Grants N.M. Anyone think I should go and bug Joe today?
08:42:16 From Dato to Everyone : Yes!!!!
08:43:46 From sidss to Everyone : Bob- typewriters and fountain pens are tools, and it is nice to have a machine or a pen that works right when you get it
08:49:30 From sidss to Everyone : Angela, it is “J. Herbin” and you can buy it at
08:49:55 From Dato to Everyone : “Your mother who neglected you owes a million dollars tax
And your father’s still perfecting ways of making sealing wax” (Rolling Stones, “19th Nervous Breakdown”)
08:50:52 From sidss to Everyone : Hello, Joao!!!!!
08:52:06 From João Bernardo to Everyone : Hi!
08:55:11 From Bill to Everyone : Yes Dato, typewriters = tools. I nwhich case I wish that I was a power user.
09:01:10 From Dato to Everyone : I’ve been thinking about where I would want to retire.
09:01:30 From Dato to Everyone : N. VA is too expensive.
09:02:17 From Eric Tidd to Everyone : I want to retire anywhere from Atlanta where I’ve been my whole life… hoping for south Florida.
09:02:38 From sidss to Everyone : Dato – I would move to Utah in a heartbeat, except, I have serious health problems, and so, I need to be near the Univ of Michigan Hospitals, I live about 2 miles away
09:04:32 From Eric Tidd to Everyone : I want JVC’s breakfast!
09:06:14 From Dato to Everyone : I spent a career in the military. There if you are not standing in a line you’re doing something wrong.
09:07:35 From Dato to Everyone : I’m hungry!!!!
09:10:20 From Dato to Everyone : wood people? Pinocchio?
09:11:40 From Dato to Everyone : Eating Dramamine like Skittles!
09:20:01 From Dato to Everyone : What was the ribbons source. I’m about to purchase some
09:25:15 From Eric Tidd to Everyone :
09:25:23 From Dato to Everyone : Danke
09:27:26 From Bill to Everyone : When it comes to fountain pens, do you have to use all of the ink in a cartridge before you can remove it? (Without making a big mess.)
09:28:48 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : (I’m Thor’s wife)
09:30:50 From sidss to Everyone : Bill, you can remove the ink cart whenever you want to. I pull carts out and put a piece of scotch tape to make sure ink does not spill out of the cart
09:30:56 From Dato to Everyone : patented JVC move
09:33:40 From Dato to Everyone : Just when I decided to stop collecting and start writing I make the mistake of jumping into this group again. I’ll be on eBay before the day is over. Thanks!
09:34:54 From João Bernardo to Everyone : I know what you mean Dato!
09:35:22 From Bill to Everyone : Yes, many enablers here for sure.
09:35:46 From Dato to Everyone : I’ve holding at three machines for some time now. The fire has been rekindled.
09:37:03 From Dato to Everyone : I have an agreement with myself: my typewriter headcount much equal my acoustic guitar headcount.
09:37:55 From sidss to Everyone : Dato- I have 2 acoustic guitars, a Taylor 410, and a Collings D2H
09:38:03 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : For one of the drafts of my book, I finished typing it on my 1935, Royal 0
09:38:28 From Thor Halvorsen to Everyone : I have old instruments too.. I have a 200 year old violin, and a 100 year old roundback mandolin
09:39:24 From Bill to Everyone : Sid, I almost went to work for Collings back when I lived in Austin, but I had already found my new work calling by the time I was contacted by Collings.
09:39:46 From Dato to Everyone : I have a Taylor 526e, a Seagull S-6, and a Seagull S-12 (12-string).
09:41:51 From Charly Roland to Everyone : I have to head out, thanks for fun morning and thanks Sid for inviting me! Looking forward to next time 🙂
09:42:06 From Bill to Everyone : Thanks for joining Charly
09:42:17 From Dato to Everyone : See ya Charly!
09:42:50 From Dato to Everyone : Rochester Quadrajet!
09:43:05 From Dato to Everyone : Cherry bomb
09:43:49 From Dato to Everyone : I must go. Thanks for allowing me. More fun than the law should allow.
09:44:09 From Bill to Everyone : Thanks for checking in Dato!
09:52:44 From sidss to Everyone : I gotta leave for today, thanks for a wonderful meeting. Have a great week!!!!
09:52:59 From Bill to Everyone : Thanks Sid!
09:56:10 From Eric Tidd to Everyone : I have to run. Absolutely loved my first TypePals Zoom… look forward to further meetings. Would love to be a penpal with you all.
09:56:26 From Bill to Everyone : Thanks for joining Eric!
10:17:35 From Gregory the Poor Typist to Everyone : CamScanner
10:47:07 From Bill to Everyone : I’m going to check out for today & hope to see you all again next week.
10:49:27 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : Acadia Publishing?
10:55:37 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : (Connection wonky) But I usually the a letter to the typewriter I’m typing on, like it’s a person, just to get to know its personality.
11:07:08 From sidss to Everyone : Imam back!!! 🙂
11:07:26 From sidss to Everyone : I am back!!! damn, cant spell
11:07:44 From natasharawls to Gregory the Poor Typist(Direct Message) : Acadia Publishing yes
11:08:00 From natasharawls to Gregory the Poor Typist(Direct Message) : Sorry my keyboard stopped working…lol
11:09:08 From natasharawls to Gregory the Poor Typist(Direct Message) : I also use pen name Simone Moore. Also on Amazon. I gotta make a website, but will utilize social media mainly.
11:10:26 From natasharawls to Everyone : Acadia Publishing…sorry I don’t think all saw that. Someone asked
11:11:15 From natasharawls to Everyone : I also use the pen name Simone Moore
11:31:41 From Indro van der Pluym to Everyone : ham radio = two way communication (on limited shortwave frequencies), shortwave is al frequencies
11:32:14 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : Natasha – That’s awesome! I’m finishing up on (hopefully) the last draft before giving my manuscript to an editor. I hope to traditionally publish.
11:36:18 From natasharawls to Everyone : Great! I wish you the best on that!
11:36:57 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : Likewise!
11:37:29 From natasharawls to Everyone : I was lucky, I guess. They found me because of my abandoned photography work. They had no idea I could write. Lol
11:38:06 From natasharawls to Everyone : They thanked me for giving them a clean manuscript. lol
11:38:27 From natasharawls to Everyone : Thank you Becky
11:38:32 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : Clean manuscript make anyone’s day!
11:38:40 From natasharawls to Everyone : Lol
11:38:47 From beckyhutchinson to Everyone : Absolutey

YouTube Chat Transcript

Natasha Rawls NaJo Photography​: Hello, guys!

Natasha Rawls NaJo Photography​: How can I join you on live?

Natasha Rawls NaJo Photography​: Hello?

Natasha Rawls NaJo Photography: ​I just got back into typewriters again recently after returning to writing seriously during Covid.

Typewriter Muse​: Welcome Natasha 🙂

Susan Kuver: ​I also have a Hermes 10. Script typeface. I just love it!

Andy Kovacs​: Would Thor know any of the travel history for his military typewriter storage/desks?

Patti Barnett​: Morning everyone!

Poor Typist​: Good morning, everyone! I’ll try to get to the comments in a bit. Thanks for being here.

Steve Ivan​: Hello from Riverside, CA. Hello and thank you to Mr. Van Cleave’s tips for my Hermes Rocket. It’s great to see all of you.

Lee Kennedy​: Hi folks, great to see a few new faces in today. I’m unable to join you today but I’ll be back next Sunday. I’ve been writing letters for people including Bill who sent me my first one from the Club.

Lee Kennedy: ​I like the look of the really old typewriter Sarah held up. Also, I was wondering what is the red and cream or white typewriter on the shelf behind Joao ?

Lee Kennedy: ​I definitely agree with Joe about the pandemic traffic. I’m also an essential worker and have been working throughout. I remember it being like the apocalypse at one point. It’s getting busier again.

John Young​: Thor: I’d file it away until you have clearance. Cast iron will break.

John Capozzo: ​Seidel & Naumann

Typewriter Muse​: We need more people like Natasha in our lives. Thanls for sharing your writings with us.

VintageTech1​: Good job Thor

Lee Kennedy: ​Good idea Mei with the cork feet !

Lee Kennedy​: Happy Easter everyone. See you in two weeks.

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