Typing Prompt for February 28

Typing prompts can be a lot of fun, even silly. But sometimes it is important–therapeutic, you might say–to use our typewriters as a way of having a deeper discussion, internally or externally. It is with that in mind, that I share this email from our own William Lester:

In recent times during this pandemic, we’ve all had to put on a brave face and tell the world that we’re doing fine and everything is OK. In reality though, many of us are hurting inside and longing for some person to person interaction without the masks. In Billy Joel’s song “The Stranger” the opening lyric line talks about us all having masks we wear to hide our true identity and our inner feelings from the world.

When you sit down in front of your typewriter, it’s just you and your typewriter. You may enjoy listening to some music, or simply look at the scenery outside for inspiration. There’s nothing standing between you and your typewriter, you know your machine will never tell anyone else your hopes, your fears, your dreams or your inner secrets. Therefore, I think that a good typing prompt would be something along the lines of,

“How I can just be myself with my typewriter”.

Please let me know if you think this might spark some discussion and feedback among the members of our group.

Yes, William, I do believe this will spark some interesting philosophical discussion. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

I am posting this a full week in advance because this really deserves some thought. In our past discussions, we’ve talked about how therapeutic typewriters can be. I think this prompt focuses the topic specifically on the self, our true self, in the context of the times we live in.

Participation, as always, is optional. Though it is most engaging to have people read their responses, it is up to each individual to share to the extent with which they feel comfortable. The importance of these prompts is that they help us explore the many ways we can make use of these wonderful machines.

Whether you choose to type and share, or listen and ponder, I hope you will join us on February 28, 2021 at 8 am Pacific.

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