Typing Prompt for March 14

Here’s your chance to share how it all began. This week’s Typing Prompt is your typewriter collector origin story. Who inspired you? Why did you start? What was your first typewriter? Be as matter-of-fact or creative as you want. It’s your origin story!

Our meeting being on 3/14–or 3.14, if you like–William has mentioned that it is Pi Day. Bonus points if you work pi or pie into your origin story.

As a reminder, those of us that are not Brian or Ted will be setting our clocks ahead an hour in the wee hours of Sunday morning. So we go live at 8 am Pacific… even if our bodies tell us it’s 7 am. Who’s bringing coffee?

And don’t forget our BONUS live stream, Type & Talk, on Saturday, March 13, at 11 am Pacific. I hope to see lots of new faces, in addition to our regulars.

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