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How to Join Typewriter Club LIVE

By Video

Typewriter Club LIVE is powered by Zoom and hosted by Poor Typist on YouTube.

Join the Zoom meeting by going to Or, you can use Meeting ID 912 0886 5825 and passcode TYPEPALS.

It is highly recommended you have headphones or earbuds handy in the event of audio issues, such as an echo or feedback.

You are encouraged to bookmark or subscribe to the Poor Typist YouTube channel. This will give you convenient access to future live streams, highlights, and other content that may be of interest.

When you first join the live stream using the Zoom link, you will be placed in the waiting room. The host will add you to the stream as soon as possible, at which time you will appear in the live stream along with other members.

Typically the stream lasts three hours or more. You are not required to stay for any length of time. Feel free to come and go as necessary.

You can turn your audio and/or video off or on at any time. Though video is highly recommended, it is not required. You will still be able to interact through audio. If you are not speaking, you are encouraged to mute your microphone. This is also good etiquette if you are in a noisy environment as background noise can be distracting to the speaker, other members, and viewers.

If you are experiencing significant technical difficulties, consider participating by chat instead. Technical difficulties also act as a distraction and reduce the quality of the stream.

By Chat

The YouTube chat feature is recommended for those that do not wish to appear in the live stream, as well as those experiencing technical difficulties. We do our best to share your chat messages and respond to any questions or comments. However, it is preferred that you join the Zoom meeting with audio and video off, using the chat feature directly in Zoom. This will assure that we will see your comments right away and we will be more likely to respond.

By Other Means

Your comments and questions here on Type Pals, on social media, in the comments of previous streams, and in our survey will be addressed in a future stream. These methods of contact are recommended for those that cannot join during the live stream. It is important to note that your participation through these methods is valued, appreciated, and encouraged. We want people to participate in Typewriter Club LIVE in whatever form is most convenient for them.

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