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1972 Olivetti Dora, bought on eBay for ~40 EUR, took some time to clean, but works like a charm now.
1962 selectic , i like the lack of parts that made it to most other selectric (s) such as the paper table , page-end indicator , impression adjustment control lever, zero key , to name but a few .
1971 Smith Corona - Cougar with script type. Custom painted by Meg at Unplug Typewriter.
Everest 92 made in Italy in Crema (Italy) with the HCESAR keyboardd layout issued by decree in 1937 and in use until 1971 in Portugal.
Messa 5000 built in Portugal, based on the Royal Sabre.
Antares called Micron in Portugal, as "Parva" means "stupid" with the HCESAR keyboardd layout issued by decree in 1937 and in use until 1971. It was created as a way to protect the national typewrite
Olympia SM3. It came with authentic vintage typewriter paper and carbon paper, revealing letters and articles, possibly written by a jurist or journalist from the 1950s.
Adler Klein-Adler, former rental, German Layout, 1921
Royal 890, Elite, 1968.
Underwood Five Touchmaster, Pica, 1962.
Halda P, Elite, 1957.
Torpedo 18b, Pica, 1961.
Consul 232, Pica, 1965.
My first typewriter. It's an Olivetti Studio 46, manufactured in Mexico with a Portuguese keyboard.
Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe. Named her "Althea" I know it's not the greatest but I'm loyal to her, as she was the only machine who's been with me during my toughest times.
Underwood Universal
Found this lovely Princess 300 while in Frankfurt on business — one owner, and very well taken care of, it types like a dream (though as it's a QWERTZ layout, it requires a little more attention).
A rare Optima P1 in QWERTY — this is a lovely machine to type on, though on the heavy/large side for a portable.
Olympia SM-3 No. 41 Professional Elite
1958 Rheinmetall KsT
1954 Smith-Corona Clipper
Triumph Adler S
1970s Imperial Litton 203
1970s Custom Gold Triumph Adler Tippa
1915 Remington 10 made at the Ilion, NY plant. Oldest typewriter I found up to this day with the essential French diacritics, but not in the correct disposition, for the Canadian market.
My trusty 1972 Olympia SM9 with French Canadian keyboard. Elite 2.3 mm typeface (No. 8).
1947 Underwood Noiseless 77 with French Canadian keyboard. Missing the button for the line finder.
Repair history card of my green 1981 IBM Selectric III Correctible.
1981 IBM Selectric III. It has a 96 car. QWERTY keyboard with an evolved French diacritics layout. It has the capability to add certain diacritics to uppercase letters (À, Ê, Ç) and << guillemets >>
Imperial Good Companion 6
1946 Olympia Elite
13cpi (Elite 2mm) font
Sperry Rand Remington 2000 (aka Monarch)
Scheidegger Princess-Matic (Keller and Knappich Princess 300)
Hermes 2000 1953
Olympia SM9
Olympia SM8
Olympia Traveller De Luxe
Olympia SM3
Brother 220
Erika 42
Olivetti Lettera 22
Olivetti Underwood 21
Olivetti Lettera 32
Adler Tippa Cursive
Olympia SM4
Royal Diana
Erika 10
Royal Royalite
Blue Bird Torpedo 18S
Continental 340
Olivetti Studio 44
Imperial Good Companion 4
Olympia Splendid 99
Triumph Norm 6
Olympia SM5
Antares Capri
Empire Corona (Smith Corona U.K. licenced)
Olympia SM7
1966 Olympia Splendid 33
1979 Adler Tippa
1943 Imperial Good Companion
1987 Nakajima ALL 520
1975 Brother 300
飛魚 PSQ 100
1979 Olympia SG3
1976 Smith Corona Galaxie Twelve
1958 Olympia SM3-13 De Luxe Typewriter with Math Keys
My 1957 Remington Quiet-Riter - "Misty"
12 cpi cursive Remington Ten Forty
Pica Signature 100. $10 at goodwill. My first successful repair!
Imperial Congress typeface 1957 Voss ST24
Pica techno or senatorial. Restored by Pacific Typewriter PDX
Pica Techno. Restored by Andrew at Typewriter Rehab, TX
This Gossen Tippa Pilot has an elite typeface, bichrome setting, and a hard case (it's screwed into the base of the case).
Found this Groma Kolibri by chance for a steal — in QWERTY no less!
A lovely white SM3 with a UK keyboard
Empire Aristocrat and M.J. Rooy ultraportables (was very excited to find the latter in QWERTY).
1970's S-C Secretarial 300, Presidential Elite type
Empire Aristocrat (Pica)
Olympia SM3
Sears Courier (an Olivetti Lettera 22, made in Mexico)
Olivetti Lettera 22 (round keys). Made in Italy.
Hermes Ambassador (non-electric version, without carbon ribbon mechanism).
Olympia SM3 (Pica)
Olivetti Studio 45
Olivetti Lettera 32
Olympia SM9
Olympia SM5
Olympia SF de Luxe (Script)
Groma Gromina
Olympia Traveller de Luxe and Montgomery Ward Escort 55 (Script, Olivetti-made, Lettera 32 mechanism).
Olivetti Lettera 37
Olivetti shapes (clockwise from top: Lettera 22, Lettera, 35, Lettera 32, Studio 44)
196X Optima M12 with a super-wide carriage (DIN A1) from East Germany (GDR).
East-German (GDR) Groma Gromina 1954 with German keyboard. It's the predecessor of the more famous Groma Kolibri.
1967 Smith Corona Super Sterling. Great typer but really heavy (looks can be deceiving).
If this doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the Secret Service, nothing will! Although I admit I prefer my cocktail stirred, not shaken....
A joy to type on: a black, Pica, 1950 Gossen Tippa, with both its hardshell cover and leather briefcase. My collection has many gems (all appear in my directory album), but this remains my favourite.
1899 Smith Premier 4. Note the directional keys at the top left. So COOL!!
Refurbishing the Underwood Model 3.
Royal Senior Companion with manual.
Smith-Corona Ultrasonic III... and 20 bucks?
1960's Royal Companion (Royalite) - my James Bond typewriter!

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