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22 Countries STRONG!

7 Aug 2023 8:21 PM | Gregory (Administrator)

I've been curious for too long about how many countries are represented by Type Pals members, and I am blown away by the results:

United States 164
Canada 22
United Kingdom 12
Germany 8
Australia 5
Netherlands 4
Portugal 4
Brazil 2
Lithuania 2
Romania 2
Sweden 2
Switzerland 2
Belgium 1
Bulgaria 1
Finland 1
France 1
Hong Kong 1
Indonesia 1
Ireland 1
Italy 1
Poland 1
Taiwan 1

Yes, TWENTY-TWO countries are represented. This blows me away. I am filled with joy knowing what we have built together has made it so far across the globe.

Yet, the numbers are concerning. The vast majority of our members are in the United States. This leaves me with a few questions:

  1. How do we increase our numbers in English-speaking countries outside of the US?
  2. How do we reach English-speaking countries that are not currently represented?
  3. How do we make non-English speaking people feel welcome?

I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions. Please email me with your ideas.

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